LinkMatrix - An Easy Clickdummy Generator

    Nils Reimelt, Melih Omay

What is LinkMatrix?

LinkMatrix is a small Flash program that enables you to create clickdummies very fast and easy.
Basically you only need screendesigns from your project that show parts of it and can be lined up in sequence.

The rest is done by LinkMatrix.

04/08/2007 - Version 1.0 now avaliable.

What are the system requirements?

As it was developed in Flash, it runs on all plattforms and in every browser that supports Flash.

What is part of the package?

You only need to decompress the small zip-File. LinkMatrix is then started by clicking on main.html.

How do I use LinkMatrix?

To create a clickdummy I will guide you through a small sample project.
After starting LinkMatrix first step is to load the 2 sample pictures by going to the menu Page->Add New Page and then typing in "sample1.jpg" after images/. As Page_ID type "s1", activate the checkbox and then press "Speichern".
Now you should see the image within your browser window. As the next step please do the same for "sample2" with Page_ID="s2" but without using the checkbox.

Creating a Hyperlink

To connect the two sample pictures go to the menu "Hyperlink->Neuen Hyperlink anlegen". Then draw a box over "Free Samples", connect it to "s2" and click on "speichern". Now you can click on "Free Samples" and LinkMatrix will jump to the s2-Screenshot. That's all for now, you've created you first clickdummy!

Save your work

To save your clickdummy go to the menu "Datei->Save". There is no specific file that will be created. The data is being written to the clipboard! Open up an editor and paste the XML-Code into a new document. If you save it as "sample.xml" for instance you can load the file by "Datei->Import". After import you start the clickdummy by "Page->Jump to Page" and the select "s1". That's all!


In webprojects at some stage there appears the need to show the working status by having something to click on.
This is where LinkMatrix comes in.

Downloading LinkMatrix

Click here for a free download.


Please report your experience to reimelt(at)

Last updated: 2007