Nils Reimelt, Michael Schoormann

What is skypr?

skypr is a viewer for the chat history files of Skype.

skypr is still in development and completely beta. It still has some bugs but is improved regularly.


14/09/2008 - It looks as if there is a connection between the KaZaA FastTrack data*.DBB and the Skype chatmsg*.dbb File Format. Skype developers seem to have just recycled the Kazaa concept to store meta information of local files for storing chat messages. The slot signature label is the same and the size of the slots.


29/06/2008 - Update! - Successful research on 16-bit Unicode: croatian and kyrillic Skype chat logs can now be identified, read and displayed.


03/10/2007 - Update! - Mervil Palmores from TÜV SÜD Philippines writes:

It didn’t work until I inputted the following on the skypr.cfg:

SKYPENAME = <username>
SKYPEPATH = C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone


12/02/2007 - Update! - skypr Version 1.1 now avaliable.

What are the system requirements?

At this time only Microsoft Windows machines are supported.

What is part of the package?

You only need the small executable.

How do I use skypr?

For access to the Skype chat history you need to exit Skype.
After that you start skypr and select a .dbb file from specific Skype chat history folder:

Example: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\windows user\Anwendungsdaten\Skype\skype nickname

The Skype chat history is saved in the files chatmsg256.dbb, chatmsg512.dbb, chatmsg1024.dbb, chatmsg4096.dbb and so on.


If you uninstall Skype it's not easy to still have a glance at the chat history.
Here skypr comes into play and your precious chat archive is only a mouse click away.

Downloading skypr

Please click here for a free download of skypr.


If skypr doesn't start, please edit the skypr.cfg and place your Skype username behind the equal sign:

SKYPENAME = your-name-here

Last updated: 2008